UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH offers extremely flexible courses to suit your needs. Courses can be booked for a weekend, one week or several weeks, according to your preferences.

There are numerous types of courses we offer...


  • 20 lessons per week
  • Full board accommodation
  • Free internet access

Executive Homestay

  • 25 lessons per week
  • Additional lessons per week are negotiable
  • Executive accommodation with en suite facilities
  • Free internet access in your room

Micro-Group Homestay

  • Designed for groups of 2-4 learners
  • 25 lessons per week
  • Additional lessons per week are negotiable

Prestige VIP HomeStay

  • 25 lessons per week
  • Additional lessons per week are negotiable
  • Luxurious accommodation with en suite facilities
  • World class cuisine and fine wines
  • Attendance of high class social and cultural events with tutor accompaniment
  • Transport by S-Class Mercedes Diplomatic limousine
  • Free internet access in your room
  • Available to individuals or couples

Junior HomeStay (9-12) and Teenage HomeStay (13-18)

  • High quality care within a family setting
  • Full board accommodation
  • All culinary requirements catered for
  • A busy schedule of social activities and cultural experiences

Weekend Courses

  • Intensive courses of 20 lessons over 2-3 days
  • Course may begin on a Friday or Saturday
  • Ideal for people with limited available time

Bespoke Courses

  • Whilst UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH takes particular care that all its learners are well treated and welcome, in order to create an environment conducive to learning it is accepted that some potential learners may not fit into any of the usual categories. For example, a football club wishing to sign a foreign national will be most anxious to get the best return on its investment by having a player who integrates happily and comfortably with 'teammates' sharing a common language; only then can the new blend of players function effectively as a team. Similarly a potential learner with a high-profile political or diplomatic background may have special requirements to help him or her conduct themselves in an effective and dignified manner on the world stage. Such applicants will also, inevitably, have special requirements, be it media sensitivity, or reassurances as to confidentiality and security.

    Our experienced UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH personnel are familiar with training people from the highest levels and realise that if you fit into one of those categories you require a bespoke service to suit your particular needs. Should that be the case then you should contact UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH, who will discreetly and confidentially ascertain the special aspects of your situation and give an estimate to accommodate those requirements, be that with a senior tutor with appropriate experience travelling to and staying with you, or a variation on the "Prestige Client" package. The intention in either case will be to give maximum confidentiality at the same time as maintaining the UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH trademark friendly service in which any learner can flourish without being bothered by outside pressures. Appropriate confidentiality agreements will also be entered into to add weight and reassurance to the importance of such needs and concerns.

    Examples of the courses UNITEDNATIONSFORENGLISH can tailor to suit your specific needs:

  • International Diplomacy
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • The Maritime Industry
  • Management
  • The Ceramics Industry
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • The Tourism Industry
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Karaoke
  • Literature
  • Archaeology
  • History of Art
  • Films
  • Golf, Tennis, Bowling, etc
  • Athletics, Keep Fit
  • Discussing the Qu'ran in English

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